About Us

Our mission is to Disrupt Poverty Through Education- We work with NGOs, Ministries of Education, donors and other like-minded organizations to provide e-learning solutions to schools throughout the developing world.

At Learning for Humanity Alliance, we strive to address the following:

    1. Resource Availability: TMS contains more than 33,000+ teacher and student resources, curated to national and/or organizational curriculum, and provides enriched classroom teaching and at-home learning. TMS includes Ministry-approved local-publisher (for-fee) textbooks, local/internationally acclaimed Open Education Resources (OER) and international for-fee educational media
    2. In-Country Empowerment and Economic Impact: L4H provides educational resources to empower educators and learners to develop lifelong skills and succeed in the workforce.
    3. Gender Equity: TMS addresses Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4: “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”. Importantly, TMS addresses the 6 sub bullets of the 2018 G7 Directives  for “investment in education for women and girls…, allowing equal access to quality education and learning”.
    4. Green Systems/Cost of Solar Power: all equipment is ultra-low power, giving TMS a tiny energy footprint and minimizing solar power costs. For example, a system including media servers, school-wide WiFi, 30 computers, and 15 classroom teaching systems consumes less than 3,000Watts, equivalent to just one UK power outlet.
    5. Reliability:Our high-availability system’s uptime is 99%, ensuring that teachers and learners can rely on the resources being available every day. TMS includes industrial-quality components which are tolerant of dirt (fanless), heat (rated to 70C), moisture and vibration, unlike standard business computers. Surge protection and backup power are included.  Equipment in our Zambia schools has been running every day since implementation.
    6. Internet Availability:  Internet is not required for day-to-day use of TMS. This innovation expertly reaches fragile contexts, and delivers high-performance, reliability and low cost.
    7. Ongoing Teacher Training: L4H has partnered with Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) Faculty of Education to provide teacher capacity training “Centres of Excellence”, globally. L4H also provides ongoing teacher training for TMS.