Learning For Humanity and
the Fund for Innovation and Transformation

L4H has been funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC) under an initiative called the Fund for Innovation and Transformation (FIT) for a 1-year program to test the impact on dropout and passing rates.

In 2020, CBCA conducted internal research on the drivers of inequality and identified a web of barriers to girls’ school completion including (but not limited to) financial barriers, prioritization of boy’s education, household labour demands (especially for orphaned girls), early marriage/pregnancy, the relevance of educational content and materials and inadequate school infrastructure (e.g., lack of hygiene facilities for menstruating girls), inadequately trained and under-feminised teaching staff and unsafe learning environments for girls. Together these interconnected barriers result in lower performance in school, lower attendance rates among girls and increased likelihood of early dropout. In Sep 2022, L4H and CBCA surveyed 145 female students in the Visoke Remedial Education Centre for the barriers that led to their dropout with the following results (candidates could select multiple categories): CHART???

This initiative means that we can provide students with a laptop with Tusitawi access for home use and also provide their teachers with gender-responsive teaching methodology (learning processes that pay attention to the specific learning needs of both boys and girls) and learning resources.