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Become an Education Ally Education gives children hope for a bright future

Give Education Make a difference in a child's education

Education gives hope for a bright future

Education helps disrupt cycles of poverty and violence. It is a central component of breaking generational poverty and creating transformative change for individuals and communities in the developing world.

COVID-19 has exacerbated identified global challenges in education while presenting a unique global opportunity for innovative ICT development so all children can learn. In response, L4HA now supports both at-home and at-school learning, which will protect against future pandemic or other school interruptions.

Your donation today:

  • Ensures children gain literacy and numeracy skills as well as meaningful life skills
  • Provides government approved online textbooks for students and teachers
  • Supports and resources teachers to deliver competency-based education (CBE) curriculum being implemented by many African countries.
  • Alleviates the complete lack of educational resources by supplying 25,000+high quality resources through Tusitawi eLearning solution

Become a monthly donor

When you become an Education Ally, you become part of a special group helping to disrupt cycles of poverty and violence, with education.

Tusitawi eLearning provides students and teachers with access to textbooks, videos and many other educational resources to ensure children gain the literacy skills, numeracy skills and other life skills needed to enjoy a bright future. Tusitawi is currently helping students in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya and Liberia to access the materials needed for success, both in and out of the classroom.

Our hassle-free monthly program will automatically donate your chosen amount every month. Changing your payment information, contact information or donation amount can be done at any time.

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Education is the key to life! Help us provide online educational resources to students around the world #Keytolife