Helping St. Mary’s Youngest

//Helping St. Mary’s Youngest

Helping St. Mary’s Youngest

In 2018 we installed our Tusitawi eLearning system in classrooms and computer labs at St. Mary’s Primary School and the results were transformative! The skills and confidence the older students (grades two to seven) have gained has been beyond what the teachers could have imagined. Please watch the video message below from Mrs. Dube, St. Mary’s Head Teacher.

Now you can give the youngest children at St. Mary’s the chance to shine.

The ECE building at St. Mary’s

Globally, 80% of young children don’t have access to early childhood education (ECE). One of the best investments that can be made in a child is ECE, preparing them for learning and a chance to thrive later in life. The youngest students ar St Mary’s are taught in a separate building, a short distance from the main classroom block, with no electricity. Currently, the teachers take the children to the computer lab for 20 minute sessions twice a week; the rest of the time the students have no access to the educational resources.

For 2019, the focus of our year-end fundraising is to bring electricity to their building through solar power and to equip the five early childhood education classrooms our eLearning Platform, Tusitawi.

Early childhood education is crucial to a child’s future. Give the gift of education today and help these young students have the opportunity to flourish.


Students in Mukuru

We are pleased to announce that Learning for Humanity has partnered with AmericaShare to provide quality educational resources to children living in Mukuru at the Harambee Community Centre. Mukuru, one of the poorest areas in Nairobi, Kenya, is home to more than 500 000 people who live on an average income of $4 a day.

Although the government provides free primary education in Kenya, 62 000 children from this neighbourhood are still unable to attend school because their families are unable to cover the costs of school uniforms and related school expenses. The Tusitawi eLearning platform provides students visiting the community centre access to learning resources aligned to the local curriculum so they can continue learning.  Teachers from nearby schools use Tusitawi when they bring their students to the centre.

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