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Students learn about entrepreneurship in many of the subjects they study and are expected to start and manage a micro-enterprise to learn about financial literacy and the skills needed to run a business. Tiny micro-loans (the equivalent of a few dollars each) would support the students’ entrepreneurship, helping them expand the types of businesses they could undertake, increase income for the students, teach them about interest, capital and loan repayment, and help build a tiny micro-loan pool at the school to fund the next cohort’s business projects.

How it would work:

  1. Learning for Humanity provides seed funding for the tiny micro-loan project at the school.
  2. Each student in the class creates a business plan. If approved, they receive a few dollars to help start their business.
  3. Following the curriculum guidelines, the students run their businesses. At the end of the established period, they report on their efforts and repay the loan along with an administrative fee and small amount of interest. Any profits are the students’ to keep.
  4. The administrative fee is kept by the school to build the local pool of funds and to keep the program going.
  5. Once the seed funding is repaid to Learning for Humanity, the administrative fee and interest are kept by the school to assist with sustainability efforts and maintaining the tiny micro-loan program.

Donate today and help tomorrow’s entrepreneurs

Tax receipts for contributions will be automatically issued by ARC for all donations of $20 or higher. Tax receipts will be mailed at the end of the calendar year.

Each donation given towards a Learning for Humanity Alliance (L4HA) project will go directly to that project. If there is an exception and it cannot be completed for any reason, or if the project is overfunded, the remaining contributions will be used where most needed, at the discretion of the Board.

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