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Zambia has a significant shortage of trained healthcare professionals. The country has a ratio of 0.8 nurses to 1,000 people compared to the international target Nurse/Patient ratio of 2.5 per 1,000 people. Compounding the shortage, most of the Nursing colleges are using textbooks that are 20 to 35 years out of date.

You have the opportunity to provide students nurses, midwives, clinical officers and teachers with 21st century resources based on current knowledge (up-to-date textbooks) and best practices from around the world. Your gift will support the careers of future medical professionals and impact the health and well-being of communities across Zambia and beyond.

Chilonga School of Nursing and Midwifery is the main source of trained nurses, midwives and clinical officers for the 180-bed Chilonga Mission Hospital, the local community and Muchinga Province (population 895,000).

The Fire

On October 1st 2016, a fire broke out and destroyed the entire school library leaving no textbooks for the entire school. The fire also destroyed the staff office block, the skills laboratory, 22 student dorm rooms, the kitchen and all the storage facilities. Fortunately, no one was physically hurt. Consequently, however, all students were sent home, and the efforts to rebuild the school began.

Images of the fire at Chilonga College on October 1, 2016.

The Challenge, and the Opportunity!

The fire created a challenge to build a new school, and an opportunity to equip the school with current and relevant medical educational resources.

The Chilonga community has worked hard to rebuild the school. The school currently has 80 students and is preparing to welcome 100 additional students in January 2019.

Apart from the building re-constructions, the school needs learning and teaching materials.

We will install Tusitawi eLearning system that includes digital textbooks, computers, school-wide WIFI, smart TVs, tablets and comprehensive training & support.

Tax receipts for contributions will be automatically issued by ARC for all donations of $20 or higher. Tax receipts will be mailed at the end of the calendar year.

Each donation given towards a Learning for Humanity Alliance (L4HA) project will go directly to that project. If there is an exception and it cannot be completed for any reason, or if the project is overfunded, the remaining contributions will be used where most needed, at the discretion of the Board.

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