Terms & Conditions

Learning for Humanity’s goal is to offer the opportunity for high-quality education and training to the majority world and eventually to all humanity. Everything we do is with that goal in mind. To that end, we ask that all users of our services respect some simple, common-sense terms and conditions of use. Our intention with our terms and conditions is to make sure that everyone who uses our services has a fair and equal opportunity to obtain the highest-quality education we can offer.

In order to help make these Terms & Conditions understandable, each section will begin with a gray box stating, in plain English, the meaning of the section. Below the gray box the full Terms & Conditions will be stated in legally-appropriate language. While the gray boxes are meant to aid comprehension, they are not a replacement for the full legal text of these Terms & Conditions, and only the full legal text will be considered in any arbitration or other proceeding.

1. Definitions

Whenever the Terms & Conditions say ‘we’ they mean Learning for Humanity. ‘You’ means you, or more broadly, anyone using our services. ‘Services’, by the way, refers to anything Learning for Humanity provides as part of its business. And ‘content’ means anything you access through a service.

For purposes of these Terms & Conditions, the following definitions apply.

  • WE or US refers to Learning for Humanity and all subordinate organizations, including any affiliates insofar as they operate under agreement with Learning for Humanity.
  • YOU refers to the registered user(s) and/or account-holder(s), as applicable, for any Learning for Humanity service.
  • USER or USERS also refers to the registered user(s) and/or account-holder(s), as applicable, for any Learning for Humanity service.
  • SERVICE refers to the Tusitawi Cloud Learning Platform.
  • TUSITAWI refers to the Tusitawi Cloud Learning Platform.
  • CONTENT refers to any materials and/or media, in any medium or file format, which is made available on Tusitawi Cloud Learning Platform whether open-access or licensed.
  • TERMS & CONDITIONS refers to the full content of this document; this document may also be referenced as TERMS. Learning for Humanity’s Privacy Policy is also considered part of this document.

2. Applicable Law

Learning for Humanity is a Canadian company and, while we’ll try to respect the law wherever we operate, we have to respect Canadian law first. And, because we’re a Canadian company, if you want to take any kind of legal action against us, you have to do so in a Canadian court.

We make every reasonable effort to adhere to all applicable law in operation of our services. However, Learning for Humanity is a Canadian company and is itself bound by Canadian law. Therefore, these Terms & Conditions are governed, constrained, and applied under the law of the province of Ontario.

In the event of a dispute, disagreement, or legal action between you and Learning for Humanity, you agree that all claims and adjudication shall be governed by the law of Ontario in preference to that of any other jurisdiction. If you wish to file any sort of motion, claim, injunction, or other action against us, you agree to file and resolve it entirely in a court located in Ontario, Canada.

3. Changes to the Terms & Conditions

We change our Terms & Conditions from time to time to make them work better for everyone. When we do change them, we’ll tell you first, and we’ll give you a month’s notice for a major change. If we happen to change them in the middle of a legal dispute, the changes won’t count for resolving the dispute one way or the other.

From time to time, Learning for Humanity may change or update these Terms & Conditions. We do this both to improve the Terms & Conditions, and to remain in compliance with the laws and regulations of the different countries where we operate. If we do change these Terms & Conditions, we will make you aware that we have done so, and provide you with a clear summary of what we have changed, why, and what the changes mean for you. We will not reduce your rights under these Terms & Conditions without your explicit consent to do so.

If, at the time we implement any changes to these Terms & Conditions, you are involved in an ongoing arbitration, legal action, or other proceeding under these Terms & Conditions, any changes to these Terms & Conditions which occurred following the incident which is the subject of the ongoing proceeding will not be considered as valid when the result of the proceeding is adjudicated.

If Learning for Humanity is ever involved in a merger, acquisition or asset sale, such that these Terms & Conditions become null and void and are replaced with new Terms & Conditions at the discretion of the new controlling parties, we will both notify you, and provide you with a copy of the new Terms & Conditions, 30 calendar days in advance of the change.

4. Provision of Services

You can use Tusitawi in one of three ways, by yourself as an independent learner, as a member of a group such as a homeschooling group, or as the administrator of a group (families work like ‘groups’, with one parent being the administrator and the children being group members). This outlines the arrangement between us and each type of user, including what we promise, and what we ask in terms of payment:

  • Everyone gets to use Tusitawi content that’s part of their assigned classes.
  • There is a fee per student for access, which changes depending on the number of months you pay for at once
  • The price you pay for Tusitawi won’t change after the fact, as long as you don’t let your account lapse
  • The administrator of a group can purchase access to additional content on a monthly basis. An independent learner can do the same thing on his or her own behalf.
  • You can’t share your Tusitawi account with another person. If someone else wants to use Tusitawi, they have to get their own account.

Access to our services is granted to specific individuals. Access to our services may be purchased either singly or on behalf of a group. ‘Group’ is understood to mean any number of individuals acting together for purposes of access to Tusitawi. Groups may be formal or informal. As such, a group, for purposes of these Terms & Conditions, can include any public or private school, corporate body, homeschooling group, family, neighborhood association, or any other body, including groups formed for the sole purpose of purchasing collective access to Tusitawi.

In the event of a group purchasing access to our services, the personal account under which the initial purchase is made is understood to be the master account of the group in question. Only the master account of a group is permitted to purchase and allocate access periods, additional content, or other services for the members of the group in question. The individual responsible for managing the master account is known as the group administrator. We do not monitor, appoint, or accept any responsibility for the conduct of any group administrator except as such conduct is found to be in violation of these Terms & Conditions.

The submission of personal information and payment details to us through our online store or through the Tusitawi payment utility shall constitute a contract for the delivery of services between Learning For Humanity and the person named in the information submitted. The length of this contract shall be the length of time specified through our online store or through the Tusitawi payment utility.

Where a group purchases access to our services, the above contract shall instead be regarded as between Learning For Humanity and the group as a corporate body. If the group is not chartered, incorporated, or does not otherwise exist as a legal entity, the above contract shall instead be regarded as between Learning for Humanity and each individual named as part of the group during the purchasing process. If, prior to the expiry of the aforesaid contract, the period of access is extended through the purchase of additional periods, this shall constitute an extension of the contract created upon the initial purchase. You affirm that, by making such a purchase, you agree to the extension of the contract between you and Learning for Humanity. Learning for Humanity likewise affirms that we agree to extension of the contract under the aforesaid circumstances.

Our fee structure is subject to change based on the immediate circumstances of the client and of Learning For Humanity. The fees specified in the online store or the Tusitawi payment utility are considered fixed for the duration of the contract created upon purchase. Learning F