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12 Schools operated by Brethren in Christ (BIC), Choma, Zambia

The Choma Project is a life-altering educational revolution that will transform learning for 11,100 students and 340 teachers across 8 primary and 4 secondary schools in the Choma region of Zambia. We need your help to provide education for these children. Over the next 3 years, Tusitawi eLearning solution and computer labs will be installed at all 12 schools.

These 12 schools are operated by the Brethren in Christ (BIC) church of Zambia, founded in 1906. In 2016 the BIC Bishop in Zambia, Thuma Hamukang’andu, requested that Learning For Humanity implement its Tusitawi eLearning solution in its schools in order to alleviate the complete lack of educational resources (1 textbook for every 5.5 students), to give students and teachers hope for a future and to help transform the Choma District. Read the Bishop’s letter.

In 2018 the new BIC Bishop, Charles Nseemani, re-stated Choma’s appeal for assistance due to multi-year declines for assistance from their current NGO partners. These annual declines occur because their request loses priority as it moves from the local to the national (Zambia) and then regional (Southern Africa) decision-making process. The perpetual end-result is declining school effectiveness.

The Choma region is one of the poorest areas in Zambia (local demographic is $1 US/day Purchasing Power Parity “PPP”) compared to the rest of Zambia. For context, the average Zambian lives on $1.75 PPP or less per day, with 74.5% of Zambia’s population living below $1.25 PPP according to UN Development Programme’s Human Development Reports (2010). Like most rural communities in Zambia, good quality education is not available, and people are caught in a vicious cycle of poverty.

Transform a life today: Donate now to support a child’s education.

Stella Maris Convent School, Mpulungu, Zambia

This school is a learning lighthouse and was the very first school to implement our Tusitawi eLearning system in 2017. Parents, teachers and students are thrilled with the resources and the capacity building that has resulted from having Tusitawi in their school for the past year and the hope it provides for the future for their children.

Unfortunately, the economic climate is such that the parents are only able to pay a tiny portion of the costs per term. Your support will help keep this important resource available for the students.

Transform a life today: Donate now to support a child’s education.

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